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Editing the photos on PC has always been a challenge. Some of us use photoshop. That’s really a good software but it requires professional knowledge. Then we have online photo editing apps but they are not much useful. Here comes the Remini mod apk for PC. Now you can use the Remini on your PC to edit photos in a professional way without any technical skill.

The best thing in the Remini is thats all its features are fully powered by AI technology. Either you want to enhance the old photo or apply the filters. All you need is to select the photo and it’ll be ready within few seconds. Just like other apps, Remini is a freemium editor. But do not worry you can download Remini Mod APK for PC and enjoy it for free for lifetime.

Features of Remini Mod APK PC


The Remini mod APK PC gives access to more features in Photo enhancement. On each time it runs it’ll generate 3 images. However the base version show you only a single result and you do not get same level of enhancement. You can add colors, enhance the background and even beautify the face as well. There is also an upscaler in Remini. This is really helpful to increase the quality of image.

No Ads

The free stuff is always loaded with advertisement. In case of Remini there are plenty of ads on each time you tap on any option. If you suppose to edit 10 photos you have to watch the video ads for 10 times. This frustrated the user a lot but you have no option other than just to bear it. However if you chose to work in Remini Mod APK Pc you’ll not see a single ad. You can calmly work in more focused way all for free.

Copy Models

With the Mod version of Remini, you get the option of making your AI model. To make this you can select multiple photos and your model will be saved in the app. Next time you only need to select the Model images and your brand new photo will be generated for you. You can quickly save it to your gallery or share on your social media walls.

Mod Features of Remini PC

  • Video Enhance
  • Colors
  • Background Enhancer
  • Face Beautifier
  • Upscaler x2
  • No watermark
  • No ads
  • Unlimited enhancements
  • And much more

Download Remini Mod APK PC

Remini Mod APK

v3.7.576.202364544 || 268 MB

How to install Remini Mod APK PC?

The installation process of Remini is different from the other PC softwares. As its an APK file you need to install it via Android emulator. Here is the detailed step by step process you can follow:

  • Download the ZIP file from the above download button.
  • Once the file gets downloaded, simply unzip it.
  • You’ll find two files. One is an APK file and other one is Bluestacks android emulator file.
  • First of all, install the Bluestacks app player. Once it gets installed you can drag the APK file inside the app window and it’ll be installed.

System Requirements

  • OS: Windows 7 or higher
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Space: At least 5GB Hard Drive 
  • Processor: Intel or AMP Processor


Can I install Remini mod on my PC without Bluestacks?

Installing the Remini mod apk on PC is not possible as you can not install the APK files on Windows directly as it does not include the support for these files. Therefore we have to use Android emulator to install the APK file. Therefore using the Remini Mod on PC is only possible via Android emulator. There is not any other way.

Does it contains Ads?

Ads in Remini app are so frustrating and the only way to get rid is to buy the Pro version. However using the Remini mod APK on PC its possible to do photo enhancement in more focused way as all its free of ads.

How to update Remini Pro PC?

To update the app, first of delete the previous version. To do this tap on the app icon in Bluestacks and you’ll see the cross icon. Press on it and it’ll be uninstalled. Now you can download the APK file and install it in the same way.

Is the Android Version same as the PC?

Yes the Remini Mod PC is same as the Android version as its the same APK file. You’ll find all the same features like filters, enhancement options and colors as in the Remini Mod APK Android version.


Remini is just a perfect photo enhancement software that you can use on your PC. With it you get lot of photo enhancement features and options. You can easily upscale your photo, fix the blur, colorize the black and white and even upscale the image. All of this can be done in few clicks and your result will be ready in few seconds.

You can install the original Remini on your PC but the free version does not come with so many features. Remini is nothing without Video Enhancer and unlimited generations. So in order to fully utilize the power of Remini you have to subscribe to its Pro version which cost a lot of money. But using the Remini mod verison you can use the pro version for free without paying anything.

Page Last Updated: May 26, 2024

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